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Freetronics Cube + NFC Tag + Arduino Leonardo

I bought RFID-RC522 NFC reader online. You can get them from Ebay or DX for <$10. The board is based on NXP  MFRC522  and has on pcb RFID antenna. Arduino website has online material on how to interface MFRC522 to Arduino board.

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Freetronics Cube & Ultrasonic Sensor

I got this Cube from a friend who bought from Freetronics at Sydney’s Mini Maker Faire last year. It is 4x4x4 LED matrix cube with onboard ATmega32u4 micro. It has Arduino bootloader and has various i/o breakout. If you have … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi – Repeat After Me Game

The Repeat After Me is a simple memory game using the Raspberry Pi, a buzzer and TM1638 module. The Raspberry Pi will first display a random pattern of sequence. You then have to duplicate the sequence by pressing the buttons. The … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi – Blink LED test

Similar to the Arduino and Launchpad Blink LED test, let’s try to program the Raspberry Pi to blink on-board LED at rate of 2 Hz (1 second ON, 1 second OFF) using C code. The code was extended from the example … Continue reading

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Launchpad vs Leonardo – Keypad & Serial LCD

The next challenge is interfacing with 12 button matrix keypad  and serial LCD . In this challenge, the micros need to read the keypad input and display it on the serial LCD. If the # key is entered after the … Continue reading

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Getting started with Arch Linux on the Raspberry Pi

This is just a summarised guide to get Arch Linux on Raspberry Pi. This post is mainly to document how I set up and got the Pi running, just in case I lost the SD card or anything worst. If … Continue reading

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