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Freetronics Cube + NFC Tag + Arduino Leonardo

I bought RFID-RC522 NFC reader online. You can get them from Ebay or DX for <$10. The board is based on NXP  MFRC522  and has on pcb RFID antenna. Arduino website has online material on how to interface MFRC522 to Arduino board.

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JY-MCU 3208 – Simple clock & ADC

I got this relatively cheap LED matrix panel from Dealextreme. It is a 32 x 8 LED matrix with an on-board ATMEGA8 micro and HT1632C controller. The board also includes ISP connector, DC jack, 3 SMT buttons and cheappy  crystal … Continue reading

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Launchpad vs Leonardo – Ultrasonic Sensor

The next challenge is proximity detector using the ultrasonic sensor. In this challenge, the micros need to capture the PWM signal transmitted by the ultrasonic sensor. The distance of the nearby object is translated on to four LEDs. The micros … Continue reading

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